Deloitte Insight

This projects made in collaboration with Deloitte Global investigates four Super Personas to reflects on for this C-suite leaders which don't feel confident about preparedness in the face of changes brought about by the 4.0 technologies.

The authors surveyed those leaders and wrote :

“Though many in this year’s survey acknowledge they are still in the early stages of navigating Industry 4.0, we observed select leaders taking unique and provocative approaches to today’s challenges. In our view, these proactive approaches to Industry 4.0 can position organizations for future success. As we share with you executives’ readiness for Industry 4.0 within the context of the four major areas of impact—society, strategy, talent and technology—we will also share profiles or personas of these leaders who seem to be

“getting it right” as practical guideposts for the journey ahead.“

Client: Deloitte Global

Art Director: Emily Koteff Moreano